ardh satya

chakravyuh mein ghusne se pehle 
kaun tha mai aur kaisa tha
ye mujhe yaad hi na rahega

chakravyuh mein ghusne ke baad
mere aur chakravyuh ke beech
sirf jaanleva nikat-ta thi
iska mujhe pata hi na rahega

chakravyuh se nikalne ke baad
mai mukt ho jaaun bhale hi
phir bhi chakravyuh ki rachna mein
farq hi na padega

maroon ya maaroon
maara jaaun ya jaan se maar doon
iska faisla kabhi na ho payega

soya hua aadmi jab
neend se uth kar chalna shuru karta hai
tab sapno ka sansaar
dubaara dikh hi na paayega

uss raushni mein, jo nirnay ki raushni hai
sab kuchh samaan hoga kya?

ek palde mein napunsakta
ek palde mein paurush
aur theek taraazu ke kaante par
ardh satya

– dilip chitre

Freedom is freedom only when it is absolute. Else, we are caught in the chakravyuh – the labyrinth of life, lusting after this and running away from that. The chakravyuh is fatal, and the way out of it, a leap into the unknown. All the values we hold dear, the ideas that have shaped who we are, bear no significance once the leap is made. But until then, in between impotence and power, delicately balanced, I am merely a half truth – ardh satya – alive, but not fully. Soon to die, and be forgotten.

How long do I want to live this existence?

~ by tdcatss on December 10, 2015.

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