Language, thought, and the soul


ye chiraagh jaise lamhe kahin raaegaan na jaayein
koi khwaab dekh daalo, koi inqilaab le aao

– rahi masoom raza


Before the word, before the movement of thought and language, there is a vast reality. It is a reality of feelings. Feelings not yet touched by thought. Feelings not yet usurped by language into its own webs. Feelings not fully formed into known categories. Raw feelings. Feelings as subtle and evanescent as bubbles on a quiet flowing river. Now here, now gone, born anew again, continuously, eternally. Feelings without a name.

It is on that level of consciousness that we can know what is real. We can know in the truest sense of the word. We can see reality, reality as the source of all that exists in our mind and in the world out there.

To see that level of consciousness is an illumination. It is from here that all visions of beauty are born, it is from here that all true revolutions arise, and it is from here that the first and last freedom can be understood.

Our entire culture is designed to take us away from these moments of illumination. Go out on a street and you hear noise. Noise that takes one away from what is right there, into a mode of becoming something, into hearing less, into paying less attention because to pay attention is to be disturbed by the noise, the smoke, the ugliness of dead metal and concrete all around.

Go into a forest and you see there is no becoming. Trees stand still. Nature portrays different shades of green. The sun sets quietly. The birds twitter. The cat looks at you from a corner with all the wonder of the world in her eyes. All there is, is with the ‘isness’ of being. All there is, exists on that level of existence where there is only the source and its momentary evocations in the form of feeling.

All thought and all language that arise as a spontaneous fulfillment of these momentary evocations are true, and like all truth, exhibit an immense power. They are like the fragrance which is the final manifestation of the reality of the flower. All thought and all language which are constructed by the denial of these moments have a ring of falsehood.


Let us return to life as it pulsates through us, with power, with beauty, with subtlety. Let us be. And from there, koi khwaab dekh daalo, koi inqilaab le aao. 


~ by tdcatss on February 17, 2016.

4 Responses to “Language, thought, and the soul”

  1. Really some excellent thoughts. I enjoyed reading this. Would love a translation of the verse please, just grasped a hazy idea of it.

  2. Thank you shruti. And thank you Sonya for your appreciation.

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