Singularity and Plurality


In our lives we seem flooded with plurality. Flooded with things to do. The various choices on offer. All these options, possibilities, decisions overwhelm us, making us totally entangled in the world of things and experiences.

Is it possible to live in a way that is not entangled in things and experiences? It would, perhaps, be a way that is essentially simple. A way that is without the agony of choice, the feeling of control, or the thought of a future that we need to make.

If we were to truly look within and see where we are, if we could stop being entangled in all experience for this moment, we would notice that there is only one stream of life that flows in us at this moment. It takes us somewhere, it makes us meet life outside directly. This stream of life is not a plurality, it is a singularity. However unformed, however hazy, it is one.

But when we encounter the world, myriad paths open up. And in that opening arises the illusion of the me who can choose to go here or there, who has to bear the burden of responsibility on his shoulders, and who has the pleasure of strengthening the self. If we were to stay in the singular stream of life, the plurality would be a physical fact, but not a psychological one. Psychologically, we would know exactly what life calls us to do.

Singularity is passionate, alive. Singularity is when you and I meet the purpose of our lives, where our existence takes us to the fruition of its being. Plurality is the path of our society, our economy, of overwhelming information, and much else that forms the structures of this world. To live in plurality is to be scattered, to be exhausted of one’s energy, to be a cog in the wheel. To live in singularity is to be, fully, completely, what life calls one to be.

~ by tdcatss on February 25, 2016.

2 Responses to “Singularity and Plurality”

  1. it’s beautiful!

  2. Thank you

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