The moment of creation


It has been millions of years. It will be millions of years. A few years ago, I made my appearance on this earth. 30, to be precise. A few years ago, you too made your appearance. We will go on for some more time. And then the story ends.

What do we make of our time here?

Other than pain, struggle, shallowness and entanglement in petty affairs?

The world of form is empty of meaning. Form, as objects, as experiences, becomes dead and devoid of the timeless the very next moment after it comes into being. What is not creation, is only death.

Perhaps in this ancient prayer is conveyed an ancient impulse. To live with creation. To live with creation is to live with that which is timeless. That which is absolutely still. And eternal. Only from complete stillness does powerful vibrance emerge. Only from total silence does sound explode.

The prayer knows, speaks, embodies a life in touch with the moment of creation.

From untruth to truth. From darkness to light. From death to immortality. From form to the formless.





~ by tdcatss on February 28, 2016.

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