The spirit of India

What is India? India is the fire that burnt 4000 years ago in the centre of the vedic sacrifice. Around it, men chanted sonorous words of a language which was, even then, very ancient.

Around these words was the perception that all the men who chant these words of power will, one day, be no more. In their place will sit other men, and they will sing to the same sacred fire. They too will experience joy, terror, sorrow, discontentment, and then pass on into the darkness of the beyond.

Yet, something will remain. Beyond, beneath, within, and around the sacred fire, there is truth. Truth, the very ground of our being, from which we all spring forth, as joyous beings, as sorrowful beings, as moments of psychic reality entangled in each other, and then, as if by gravity, we fall back into where we came from. Such is the eternal sacrifice, the fiery play of which we are but a few moments.

The fire of creation lies in the centre of this cosmic yagya, of which we are the offerings, the sparks, the chants, the fumes, the seer, and the seen.

It was always so. And it will always be so. Whether we know it or not.

And that is the spirit of India. A timeless song, that, silently, echoes through the millenia and calls us to our eternal destiny.


~ by tdcatss on February 28, 2016.

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