The world rushes about. Grimaces on their faces, their feet speeding like bullets. Work to be done, tasks to be accomplished, routines to be followed. The rush of cars, the noises they make. The kingdom of concrete is made up of all this, and more. Once in a while, we, its inhabitants, notice the sun peep in, or the moon, somewhere far away. For the most part, we are busy, entangled, in our business in the world.

And then, an elsewhere calls out to us. In our boredom, in our inability to sleep when we need to, in the wriggling of our toes when the kingdom of concrete does not involve us fully, in our restless scrolling over Facebook. An elsewhere calls out. There is more, far, far more to life than we ever imagined.

Our lives were meant to be lived with the silence of the stars, the power of the storm, the loving caresses of the breeze, the impossible solitude of the moon. In our waking, in our speaking, in our walking, in our work – we were meant to be reflections of cosmic harmony, universal beauty, undying truth.

And something in us has not forgotten that. In our boredom, in our sorrow, in our frustrations, an elsewhere calls out to us.

~ by tdcatss on March 4, 2016.

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