“There is no misery to compare with that which exists where technology has been a total success.”

– Thomas Merton, When Trees Say Nothing: Writings on Nature

My inner nature is the same as outer nature. Just as spring gives way to summer, and in flows autumn which gives way to winter, before spring returns, in me and in you, joy gives way to sorrow, fear gives way to peace, excitement is replaced by tranquility. Every emotion is a testament to the beauty of human nature, to its many faceted reality, to its ability to express the Real in a way that no other being on this planet can. Every tree, every flower, every cloud is also a testament, a testament to the many faces of the Real. In truth, human nature and outer nature are the same.

When we exchange technology for nature, we lose touch with our inner nature too. Instead of knowing what is in the moment – the feelings evoked by this moment, which may be of joy, of sorrow, or anything else, we transform into pursuers, always trying to change reality into something else. We change the realities of nature into objects of our ambition, and we do the same with our inner experience in this moment. Joy, sorrow, anxiety, peace give way to attachments to people, ideas, and things, and the constant struggle to consummate these attachments.

Truth is not the product of someone’s mind. It is a given, an existent. Truth alone gives happiness. Truth is where human manipulation is not – both within and without.

~ by tdcatss on July 28, 2016.

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