The solitary life

There is nobody. There is nothing. There is just this person. There is just this person, who is a stream of energies. A flow of joy, a flow of agitation, a flow of a million other things. There is nothing static about him. Feelings come and feelings go. He does not think very much.

From the outer world, things appear but as if they are non-existent. It is night. 

There is nobody. There is nothing. There is just this person. A person who, in his aloneness, discovers the world within him. Within him he also discovers something far, far deeper than the world will ever know. Hidden behind the ugly images and shrill sounds of the world, there is a deeply silent mystery. The mystery speaks. The shadows clear. A light glows. Aflame, awake, undying – the mystery blows like a candle in the wind. Vulnerable yet invincible.

The path to it is solitude.

The call to the solitary life is for one who is able to give up the enchantments of the world, and to live with himself. In himself, he first finds a reflection of everything else in the world. The ugliness of the world finds a reflection in himself. The beauty of the world also lies within him. But beyond all these, he understands, comes to see the place from where this call to solitude arises. Then, he lives grounded in that world, in that place of calling, and deeper still, in a nothingness where what or who he is ceases to matter.

This solitary life can be lived alone in the middle of the night, when the world sleeps. It can also be lived in the noisy marketplaces of the world. In both, there can be solitude, quietness, love. The noisy marketplace is blessed by that solitude, without ever knowing it. But the final consummation of the call to silence and the vocation of solitude lies in a separation from the tragedy that the modern world is.

~ by tdcatss on August 4, 2016.

2 Responses to “The solitary life”

  1. How we all crave the solitary life, but most are in denial or simply afraid.

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