The last prophet

The prophet of Islam was a law-giver, a head of state, a warrior, a reformer of society. He is often evoked as all this, for good and for bad. What is often not remembered is that he was much more than all this, that all this was only a consequence of something else.

Muhammad did not die in 632 CE. He departed from his physical body then. But in that twilight zone between being and non-being, between matter and eternity, the light of Muhammad lives. For those who live with an intense awareness of all things, for those who attend to loving communion with nature, those who shiver with awe at the ayats of the Quran, the prophet is, quite simply, a living person.

In the most tender moments of solitude, in love, in the whispers of the wind, in our deepest goodness and our utmost sincerity, he looks at us, guides us, blesses us, acknowledges that we are on the right path.

The light of Muhammad – the nur-e-muhammadi – is also the light of our hearts, the light of the best in us. While god is the absolute transcendent, the always hidden, unknowable essence of all creation, Muhammad is part of creation, a part that is closest to its source. Hence, he is habib-allah, a beloved of god,  safi-allah, the purest one of god, nazir-allah, the observer of god.

He is also ya-seen, the mysterious name comprised of two Arabic alphabets, by which god addresses him, signifying the mystery at the heart of his being, which is also the mystery at the heart of all creation.

Muhammad the politician, the law giver, the reformer, are all shadows cast by Muhammad the mystic, Muhammad the light of Allah.

It is a sign of the world, and its great misfortune, that it fails to see any of this in the personality of the prophet.

~ by tdcatss on August 6, 2016.

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