Understanding life through nature

“Look at the sky. Look at that tree. Look at the beauty of the light, look at the clouds with their curves, with their delicacy. If you look at them without any image, you have understood your own life.”

– J. Krishnamurti

There was an emptiness, a lack. A lack which would be fulfilled only by a deep, intense experience. The beauty of the green grass, softly glistening in the twilight, the quietly but majestically darkening sky, the reddish hues of light in its far corners, the many leaves scattered about on the grass – they all painted a picture of beauty, a beauty that was missing in his own life.

A cloud opened up in such a way that strong sunlight shone where he was sitting. This was unusual for this dim hour, approaching dusk.

Was beauty possible? Was love possible? That evening, these questions permeated the air.

Twilight was of an orange hue that day, rather than the usual blending of grey, red and white.


~ by tdcatss on August 7, 2016.

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