Learning from nature

He had been sitting there for a while. Tired after a long walk, he had dozed off. When he woke up, it was close to the time for darkness to settle in. But the clouds had given way to an orange sky, glowing in various parts.

Enormous gentleness, immense kindness poured through those skies. And enormous gentleness, immense kindness also arose in his heart. The drowsiness gradually gave way, although it was not entirely absent, still lurking here and there.

The observer, sitting there, was one with what he observed. The  vastness of the skies was also in him, the tranquility of the evening was also in him. At a fundamental level, the evening and he were one. Was this not what love is – the effacement of difference, the union of two, a forgetfulness of the self? Out of this deep unity, some thoughts arose.

What is the purpose of this life? He wondered.

The purpose of life is self-evident. The birds flying out there knew what their purpose is. There soaring flight, their tremendous agility, their intimacy with the skies, their looking at the sun in its face, their solitary glory, and their intuitive coordination with the flock – the birds were meant for all this. The fulfillment of all this is the purpose of their lives.

Man – tortured, greedy for experience – rarely wondered at what his purpose could be. Surely, it is to see – to know nature, to know all creation, and in knowing, to bless it with his action.

Nature is of boundless depth. The fire in the sky knows limits of length and breadth, but spiritually, it is a mere symbol of the splendour of the Real, and on that dimension which is not physical, it has no limits. Thus, understanding nature also has no limits.

A line from an ancient book came to his mind.

“Surely, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alteration of the day and night, there are signs for those who contemplate” – Quran, 3:190.

What then, was the place of action? Action would always be, when it was right action, spontaneous and desireless. Nishkama.

It would express the potentialities of nature – inside and outside the person. It would correct what is wrong, inside and outside the person.

There would be no place for action as ambition, action as desire, action as dreaming, action as automatic thinking.

He felt blessed that in these dark, dark times, in this kali yuga, there existed a place that would bless him, teach him, inspire him. It was a place of grass, trees, birds, and the flaming sky. It was a place of settling mists. It was a place of pattering rain drops. It was home. Here they taught him about life.

~ by tdcatss on August 13, 2016.

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