The winter is here

The winter is here.

The morning brings the first intimations of the cold days to come. Even as the temple blares its uncouth music at a distance, the blades of grass, the birds, twittering and walking on that grass, the benign, quiet tree above – they all know that a new presence as arrived in our midst. The ant crawling on one’s clothes knows. The air, seemingly more dense, more misty than it was in many yesterdays, knows.

As one breathes in the air, its coldness is felt in one’s chest and the whole body responds joyfully to the slight chill. It rejoices in this intimate touch of nature.

The sun will appear late, for it is obeying its shifting role in the rhythms of nature. It is now to arise late, and set early. The nights – eerie, silent – will be long; the days – dimly lit, condensed – will be short.

This new presence in our mist, a stranger, is most beautiful. Despite the cacophony of the world, it is beautiful. As you write this, a small bird flies across the visible sky with youth and vigour, and ornaments the beauty of the moment.

Enveloping all this is our guest. Or are we her guests?

The ancients sang to nature. They called her a beautiful woman who blesses us with her splendour. Surely, they beheld a vision similar to this. They gave her names. When she arrived in the morning, they called her Ushas. When she arrived at night, they called her Ratri. At other times, she was Sandhya and Nisha. And in her entire movement, she was Rita – supreme order.

The less you are, the more it is. The more you become part of it, the less you are. You cease to be, and like the bird perched on the high pole, who surveys everything in complete serenity, you become part of creation, part of this eternal flux.

The galaxies are you, the exploding stars are you. The tiny leaf on the earth is you. The sparrow’s song is you.

And when you meet the chaos of the world, you do not deny all this. It stays.

~ by tdcatss on October 30, 2016.

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