The night speaks in silences

The night calls us all to be still. To listen. The tremendous silence of the night washes over the cacophony of the day, cleanses the universe with its quiet beatitude, every night, without end.

This tremendous, purifying silence is the silence of the earth. It is the silence of the skies. It is the silence of the star, millions of light  years away, watching us from afar, sending its light and its life to us.

Tomorrow will be another day. Another horde of humanity will go about its daily business, with their minds ceaselessly chattering. This silence will be scarcely present. But only in this silence is the whole meaning of life. Disconnected from this silence, we run the race of life, not knowing where we came from, where we are headed, for what we are made. The silence takes us back to the source, the origin of all creation, the fountainhead of all the tremendous energy that runs through this world.

When our heart beats with the heartbeat of that creation, then our lives are in order. We live in order, we respect all creation, we never forget nature and her love. That is the only sane life.

That is the only life where the beauty of the seen, and the beauty of the unseen, come together. Where we, together with all the beings of the world, those visible to the eye and those that are not, praise existence, witness its beauties, wonder at its presence.

~ by tdcatss on January 19, 2017.

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