The quiet waters of the heart

khaamosh sa afsaana
paani pe likha hota
na tumne kaha hota
na humne suna hota

Silence is where we meet, truly. In the incandescent depths of the heart, the quiet waters of a river flow. On that is written the story of our love. The meaning of our bond. The splendours that there are.

All else is sorrow. Meeting is sorrow, departing is sorrow. Attaining is sorrow, losing is sorrow. All that remains is His face.

In the intense reverberations of our meeting, all the waves of existence rise and fall. In every step, every moment, I meet you and hear your message for me. That is the destiny of the world. To be met by your fire, to be consumed in it, to be illuminated by it, to be reduced to ashes by it.

~ by tdcatss on March 30, 2017.

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