ham sa

हम् सा

ham sa

The two syllables connote three different levels of reality.

In the physical realm, they are the word for the swan – a bird that stands on water, yet remains above it, pure. The swan is symbolic of the liberated man or woman, living in  the world, but not of it.

On the dimension of subtle reality, they refer to the sound of the in-breath – hum – and the out-breath – sa. The sustainer of our life in this world, the unseen yet felt reality that is the centre of our existence, our breath, is conveyed by these two sounds.

On the most subtle level, it is the sound of the universe, coming into being and dying every moment. The stars that explode, and the planets that form from the debris as it cools. The bird that twitters, the bird that goes to sleep as darkness settles in. The day that shines refulgent, the night when everything quietens, darkens. The coming into being, in birth, the ceasing to be, in death.

The rhythms of the universe and the rhythms of our lives are meant to be lived in synchronicity. It is then that we live the truth, dharma. Then, the rhythms of our lives  give shape to the physical universe, in all we think, speak, do. It is a shape that is in tune with the nature of things, not in violent struggle against it, as is the case with much of the modern world, its ambitions, its machinery, its projects that destroy this beautiful earth.

ham sa, a quiet sound in the still waters of the heart, our connection with the realities beyond the seen, and the realities that we see everyday, in one, unceasing thread.







~ by tdcatss on June 25, 2017.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, wonderfully explained.

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