The comet

He was blazing like a comet, leaving a streak of fire behind him, burning the space through which he travelled. The face of the comet was only a part of it, that which gave direction, that which was most visible from front, but the whole comet was ablaze, an example of the resplendence, power and beauty of everything in the universe.

Man is like the face of the comet, unaware of the blaze that lies within him, a fire that would ignite darkness and burn away the dross. When he becomes his whole being, that is, all the fear, the sorrow that he seeks to escape, then, the fullness of his being, the passion of the comet comes alive.

True individuality is that. It is not the bickering of the petty ‘I’, its attachments, its ambitions, its fears that it constantly escapes. True individuality is the blazing splendour of the full human being, full and alive, on fire, burning, illuminating, relating to the whole cosmos as a friend. The galaxies are his companions in this journey through existence, he loves the moon, he beholds the sun, he has tenderness for the most delicate sparrows, and he gives quiet company to the roaring ocean.

He is not cooped up in small spaces, his outer constrictions only being reflections of the inner ones. Rather, his mind is infinite, and he makes love to nature by his very being. That is individuality. The complete, unique power of every human being, which, like every element of nature, comes alive with beauty and dies without struggle.

In the fire of the reality of individuality, false individuality dies, dissipates, as falsehood dies in the face of the revelation of truth. That is healing, that is living, and that is dying.

~ by tdcatss on July 9, 2017.

2 Responses to “The comet”

  1. Brilliant man, just brilliant! I have been reading all your posts but this one made me comment here.

  2. Thank you :)

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