A sacred life

Quiet, quiet falls the night. The stars whisper to each other. The black sky darkens. The sun is behind us, on the other side of our earth. Beloved earth, our home, our protected, beautiful home in this vast, anonymous universe. The moon watches us in serenity. Quiet, quiet falls the night.

The cosmic world above me, the still passion in my heart, they are the same, a little voice tells me. Nothing can contain either. As the cosmos grows, expands, into new spaces every moment, into spaces that are not spaces, into nonbeing which becomes being. So the still passion in my heart grows more and more intense, reaching a power that no power can hold, taking a form that no form until today has been. The outer, the inner – the universe, the soul – they are both vast, infinite, limitless.

In this heart are all the sorrows of love, love lost. In this heart is the tremendous ecstasy of union. In this heart is the dying away of all intensity under the petty demands of the ‘me’. The universe too palpates with a sorrow. The still, tranquil sorrow of death. The death of a leaf, the death of a snail, squashed under the walker’s feet, the death of a star. The universe too palpates with ecstasy. The falling of evening light, the quiet softening of the green grass in that light, like the beloved placing her hand on your heart. The exploding star, the tremendous stillness of nothing but empty space, nothing, nowhere, just stillness.

The universe is sacred. The terrifying beauty of the sun, that ball of fire, the peaceful serenity of the moon, the vast distances, the eternal order of life and death. This heart is sacred. The rising of joy. The tears of beauty. The sorrow of dying away. The happiness of new birth. God created man and woman to reflect the universe in all its beauty and all its tragedy. When not lost in pettiness, one does just that.

In the silence of the night, a sacred life is born. The ugly noises of this world give way to the tremendous, exploding silences of the dark sky and what is beyond. The soul realises its oneness with the universe, the silences outside and the silences inside merge, a sacred life is born.





~ by tdcatss on July 14, 2017.

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