The night is over, and the day has dawned. The world has awakened. The birds, awake, sit on their branches, chirping. The cars come out to the roads, making their disordered sounds, so different from the immense harmony between nature and the sounds of the birds. Men and women walk out of their houses, a thousand anguishes in their heart, a thousand ambitions in their minds, to live another day. A day of work, a day of conflict, a day of misery and tension. Their movements devoid of tranquility, their bodies devoid of dignity.

The night, in its silences, dissolves the chaos of the day. It brings quietness, and in its darkness all that emerges which the noise of the day drowned out. The stars shine bright, and our relationship to the universe becomes manifest in all its power, splendour.

In the day, can we take forward the rest, the quietness, the love that night blesses us with, and give that blessing to the world that is lost in its entanglements? In the day, the sun, the source of life for our little corner of the universe, shines bright, powerful, refulgent. As the night calls on us to rest and contemplate, the intensity of the sun, our father, calls on us to live. To live a life of true action. Action that is not attachment, action that is not ambition, action that is not escape from the reality of our being.

That is care. To be quietly, silently, deeply in touch with our own selves, and the immense flood of life that flows from the heart of all creation, to us, and through us. And to take that river of life forward to others. To meet human beings with real care, with true concern for who they are, for the innumerable sorrows they hide behind their hardened faces. To see the light that lies at the core of every face, however much it is hidden behind innumerable anxieties and traumas.

To work with matter – our cars, pens, computers, phones – with real care, with a real vision that sees them as a manifestation of the silence that is at the heart of the whole universe. To use them rightly, appropriately, and not get addicted to them, not get owned by them and the temptations and gratifications they offer.

To meet the brutality of the world. The people who don’t care. The spaces that are unpleasant. The noises that jar the senses. To meet them with care, for they are only the outer manifestation of the tremendous sorrow of the world. To see that behind that brutality is tremendous suffering, and there is escape from that suffering.

This is to care. To see the oneness of you and me and all of us as beings whose hearts are also the silent heart of the universe. Silent, yet refulgent with real beauty. With love.







~ by tdcatss on July 17, 2017.

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  1. Just what I needed to read.

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