to be vulnerable

dil hai ek parchhai hai lehraai si
aarzu meri hai ek angdaai si
ek tamanna hai kahin sharmaai si

saans bhi leti hain jo kathputliyaan
unki bhi thaame hai koi doriyaan
aansuon mein bheegi hain khaamoshiyaan

zindagi hai phir naye ek mod par
jaaye ab chaahe jahaan ye rehguzar
meri manzil to hai mera humsafar

– javed akhtar

To be vulnerable, is to be open to being wounded. It is to let another into one’s heart, to let down the walls that guard us from the brutalities of the world. In those inner recesses of the heart, a delicate flame is enkindled. It is the flame of love, and it is also the flame of sorrow.

As we gently cup our hands around this flame, we carry it to the other. We offer it to him, as a gift from our heart to him, for safekeeping. In this subtle sharing of something so elemental, so deep, our common humanity is touched. And two persons are then no more two, but one. Entwined together, souls burn together in the flame. Sorrow is sorrow, not my sorrow and yours. Joy is joy, not my joy and yours.

Vulnerability, then, opens up the greatest of gifts. Of real relating, of true connection, of seeing someone directly, rather than through the many veils that keep us apart. If each human  being is a centre of creation, of the manifestation of the vast beauties of the psychological world, then it is the fear of vulnerability that keeps this beauty away. It is a fear that keeps the quiet flame inside from burning, burning in the dignity and beauty of solitude, and burning and coming alive and aflame in sharing the fire of another human being.

Then one continues with the mediocrity of one’s life, the dependence on others, the fears that eat us up and make us hollow from within. We see old, elderly couples, and the many distances between them despite decades of having been together. It is the result of not being able to be vulnerable as one could, once. Of the hardening of a heart that is no longer alive, awake, aflame, burning in the refulgence of beauty, open to the pains of sorrow. A heart that is truly vulnerable.

~ by tdcatss on July 19, 2017.

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