Living intensely

If the entire universe is one thing – it is an intensity. The enormously vast spaces between the stars, lit dimly by star light, the comets raging through them, the utter silence of space where no sound can travel – it all going on for several billion years, an unimaginable time span, longer than there have been humans, longer than there has been this earth, this solar system – this enormous vastness is intensely alive.

The ancients knew this, and they discovered sounds which resonated with the silent sounds of this immensity called the universe. These sounds were the mantras.

Can we live with that intensity? Does that intensity appear in our consciousness, do we come, ever, in touch with it? When we live in this power and immensity we live like the stars, like the comets, like that sea of heavenly bodies called the milky way – all tremendously alive, awake, with its own light. We live fully, and then sorrow and joy are passing matters, our life is not controlled by them.

Our world pushes us to live in a way that is just the opposite. Our cars, our phones, our enclosed houses, they all push us away from the immensity of the universe, from the pristine purity of nature that carries that intensity. The intensity dulls, the energy becomes coagulated into physical matter. Surrounded by gadgets and hard matter, we become like matter itself – dull, thick, insensitive and far from blazingly alive. Scattered, functioning like automatic machines, repeating patterns of thought and feeling and activity, we forget the true stillness at the heart of our being, which is also the stillness at the heart of the being of the entire universe.

Perhaps that is the central challenge of our lives. Perhaps that is the central challenge of our times. For thousands of years, men and women lived outside what we call civilisation. They were in deep communion with nature, they made love to the sun, the were caressed by the moonlight. In our ambition to make more, and in our fear of uncertainty, we have made civilisations that sanitise us from the raw wildness of living, but also sap away the tremendously real, alive quality of a life lived in truth and harmony with the universe.

Living intensely is our destiny. If we don’t live intensely, we pursue intensity in things that can never give it to us – people, position, a secure space, objects. We are bound to run after them, not knowing that true intensity is in the heart that has no ambition, that wants nothing from the world, but just lives.












~ by tdcatss on August 2, 2017.

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