Children of the universe

tvameva mata ca pita tvameva

you alone are our mother, you alone are our father

We are children of the universe. Through its pulsating power, it brings us to life, our earthly parents only its final instruments in our manifestation.

We are children of the universe. From its silent depths, it manifests dazzling complexity. We are part of that complexity, yet holding the silent depths of the universe in our hearts, in the sacred recesses of our hearts.

We are children of the universe. Its ancient, billions of years old heritage is our legacy –  stardust, light, dark, silence, terror, beauty – they are our own experience, they reside and resonate in our own hearts, as they have resonated in outer space much before we were born.

As true inheritors of this legacy, we can bring our lives to resound with the order of the universe. To rise with dawn, the rest with darkness. To caress the beauty of twilight, to manifest our energies in the splendour of the sun.

Perhaps most of all, to adore the quiet, dark night, that cleanses all the disorder of the world.

The ancients were true children of the universe. They had not forgotten their real roots, where they came from. For them, the order of the universe was the order of their own lives. They called it rta, the cosmic order, which human beings are the final manifestation of.

As we go out into the world today, will we live as children of the universe? Or will we, having forgotten our spiritual home, live with the greed of modern man for more experience, for more work, for more achievement, forgetting the quit still spaces that we come from.


~ by tdcatss on August 3, 2017.

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