A temple of ancient ceremonies

The body and mind are a temple with ancient ceremonies taking place in them. Every time a limited thought is replaced with simple awareness, every time our entanglement in thinking is replaced by the refulgence of pure, unbounded energy, a ritual is initiated.

The sounds of the ancients come alive, the deep lights of the heavenly bodies illuminate what is there in this body, the ethereal priests come in and do their work.

The body-mind is a temple of ancient ceremonies. The energies flow through it, upwards to the sky, the tremour and power of the energies shakes up the body-psyche, destroying the dull, allowing for the old to die, evoking new life.

In the temple of the body-mind, suffering is not fixed, suffering is not avoided, but suffering is the offering to the  sacred fire of awareness. In the innermost heart of this temple, this fire burns, quiet and refulgent, and receives the offering of sorrow, transmutes it into sacred energy, which is then offered to the universe. The regeneration of man and woman takes place in this innermost sanctum of the temple.

It is a temple in darkness, which the blinding lights of the world do not see. It is a temple seen by those who dare to be quiet, dare to be alone, not physically, but psychologically. Free from the influence of the world and thus, truly an individual.

When two persons meet with authenticity, openness, the temple’s ceremonies begin for the two of them. The ancient ritual comes alive. The priests function again and the celestial lights illuminate all.

The fragrance of the temple, the invisible temple, goes out to the world and heals our wounds. The wound of separation, the wound of being a separate individual who must reach somewhere, the wound of the noise and ugliness of the world. The wounds heal in this scent, as the ceremonies continue.

The temples are the only sanctuaries of the sacred in a world gone awry.


~ by tdcatss on August 4, 2017.

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