The inner flame

pehle bhi yun to barse thay baadal
pehle bhi yun to bheega tha aanchal
abke baras  kyun sajan
sulag sulag jaaye mann

bheege aaj is mausam mein
lagi kaisi ye agan

The heart has reasons that reason knows not. While the world around goes about with its practicality, its businesses, its rushed ways, its concrete buildings and its crowded streets – the heart burns with a pure intensity that none of these accretions of humanity have.

It is this flame that keeps us alive. It is this flame that is the meaning of our lives. Divorced from it, we are worse than dead. Because apart from being dead, we are also living a lie, our true destiny remaining unfulfilled – which is to discover and live out the true meaning of our lives.

Either one lives with the implosive intensity of being or one does not live at all, but merely exist, as an automaton pushed around by the forces of society.

True individuality is the heart of being alive – individuality which is not an amalgamation of various social pressures, various forms of conditioning, various actions of habit that one has acquired in the past. True individuality is the passionate aliveness of this moment. Even as it rains outside, the heart remains afire and ablaze. And looks for others similarly aflame, for fire seeks fire.







~ by tdcatss on September 9, 2017.

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