The planet

It was a perfect sphere. It rotated, slow, perfect, like a musical note placed in infinite space. It revolved around its star, from which it received light and warmth. The burning ball of fire was not too close to consume the planet, nor too far to let it hurtling into space.

In the infinite peace of the cosmos, where sound does not travel, it continuously acted, rotating, revolving, playing its part in absolute order that emerged from the mists of time and would go on for eternity, until time itself ceased to exist.

The planet would die when the star, its life-giver, would expand, as its fuel would exhaust, and it would swallow the planet. Until then, the planet would exist in its utter stillness, alive, awake, active. As if not a day had passed since the big bang, when all there is came into being.

As if in these vast spaces of the universe, where no sound exists, there is a quiet sound that emerges from every dancing planet, every burning star, every comet flying into infinity, all these bodies performing a consummate dance to an invisible, unknown, unknowable witness who just watches.

4000 years later, light from the planet reaches us on this planet called Earth.  We see the far-away planet through our telescopes, or rather, the planet as it existed 4000 years ago. In our hustle-bustle of daily life, our hankering after comfort, pleasure, ambition, we obtain a glimpse of the utter silence of the universe, in which we are a little speck on a speck. In this vast magnitude of the universe, we are like ants quarreling over a grain of sugar.

Knowing the planet, we are one with it. Its tranquility is ours. Its love is to be found in our eyes. Its depths of silence are to be found in our voice. Its grace and beauty of movement is in our movement. In that moment, the universe, sacred in its every pore, blesses us, and gives us that benediction that only the children of the universe can have.



~ by tdcatss on November 27, 2017.

2 Responses to “The planet”

  1. Stunning! Beautiful! You had me at “like a musical note placed in infinite space”

  2. Thank you.

    I was listening to this while writing:

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