In the evening you decided to bless one with the red cloud in the sky. Why was it red? In the centre of a dull blue sky, a piece of fire, a blaze, quietly floating by, intensely alive, as if a sign of another world. The cloud was capturing the light of the setting sun, which was red.

In the line of sight to the cloud, there was a tree – large, magnificent, and the black birds flew around it, taking their last flight of the day. And all around, a soft green prevailed. The air became more and more misty. Truly, twilight was your blessing to us. You loved through colour. You loved through the cool breeze that went into our lungs and gave a joyful chill to our bodies. You loved us through the beautiful twittering of the birds, high-pitched, but too sweet to be called noise.

If love means dissolving into the other, the collapse of boundaries, the becoming one, together, with the source of all there is – that was an hour of love. We dissolved in you, life became life, there was no separation. Only gratitude, only joy.

The problems of life seemed, not resolved, but irrelevant. That was all.

~ by tdcatss on December 18, 2017.

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