The body is sacred

The eyes allow a way into the inner world. They hold vast spaces which are as immense and as unfathomable as the farther expanses of the universe. The material form of the eyes – soft, gelatinous, part liquid, allows for the expression of the deepest energies of the human being. They open up into a world of infinity, where life expresses itself as us – as it expresses itself in the universe. In that world of infinity, in our eyes, and in outer space, there are unending silences, tremendous explosions of energy, and experiences of overwhelming beauty.

The skin opens up to another world than the one outside it. It is a world where the touch of another, without grasping, without something to attain for oneself, dissolves the physical boundaries between two human beings. It brings alive a space of union where there is not you and me, where nothing exists, and yet, where everything emerges from, only to dissolve into it the next moment. The skin is a veil – at once, a concealment and an opening into a space unknown.

The breath occurs in a space where we take in the energies of the world and exhale them, having transformed them within us with our own energies. Every moment, there is a transaction of energies. The world as it is – tense, jarring, or at times, joyous, beautiful – enters us, permeates our being, and from those corners of our own being, we send out to the world a bit of ourselves. All our lives, this continues, and ends only when our time on earth is over.

Our face reaches out to the world and exposes our inward depths to it. On our face is written our destiny, as it has been until today. On it are written our desires, and also our falsehoods. The face lies behind the mask, which is always porous, if only seen with a little patience. It exposes our deepest, inmost goodness. Our particular calling, our unique sensitivity to the world. It is a summation of all that we are, of that aspect of the universe that we are called upon to speak.

The voice – more multifaceted, with deeper potential, than that of any species, expresses our inmost being in ways more subtle and fecund than any other part of ourselves. The voice is uniquely the stamp of what makes us who we are – alive, quivering, present in its representation of us. In the overwhelming silences of the universe, where no sound exists, we – a few specks on a speck – are given the gift of speech, as if we were asked to speak for all the beauty and all the terror of the whole universe.

Movement – that blessing which is given to some species but not all, expresses our synchronicity, or the lack of it, with all that moves, everywhere in existence. In movement we approach order, grace, spontaneity – like the planets and stars. In the denial of these our movements are jarred, tense, unmindful. To walk on the earth is a great blessing, for no species walks upright on two legs, except the human being. In this walking, when we are in tune with the deepest energies, we bless the earth.

The body is sacred.

~ by tdcatss on December 23, 2017.

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