A homeless god

“The shadows fall. The stars appear. The birds begin to sleep. Night embraces the silent half of the earth. A vagrant, destitute wanderer with dusty feet, finds his way down a new road. A homeless God, lost in the night, without papers, without identification, without even a number, a frail, expendible exile, lies down in desolation under the sweet stars of the world, and entrusts Himself to sleep.”

– Thomas Merton, Collected Poems. 

It is the genius of the Christian faith to introduce us to a god who emerges in pain. It is in the acceptance and coming alive of our pain that we fully become what we are called to be, as human beings – an embodiment of the sacred. The culmination of Christ’s life is his earthly death on the cross. As he lies wounded, tortured, Christ also becomes Christ, the symbol of truth, purification, meaning.

The falling of the shadows, the appearance of night, the silence of the earth, all signal a death of the visible world, of that which is tangible, obtainable. But in this death is a birth of an ‘other’. The birth of that which is new, that which resists fixation into the patterns of the world. There lies the opening to the sacred.






~ by tdcatss on December 24, 2017.

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