Are we two. Or are we one? Does one energy run through us? Do we join at the base, like two branches rising from one trunk. Do we surrender and unite in our oneness, as we rise and flower distinctly, in our uniqueness?

Who are we? You. Me. Us. Who are we?

Do we eerily know each other from before. From before we first set our physical eyes on each other. Did we already know each other, and were only meant to meet. Will, having finished our destinies, exhausted our seeds of desiring, we separate again, as two strangers who never met?

Do our bodies act as containers to hold the soul back? Or do the bodies serve as shells from which our souls leap forth, prepared, matured, ready to end their separation and unite with the other?

Two and one. That is our relationship.




~ by tdcatss on December 28, 2017.

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