The sun and the moon

The sun rises and illuminates. It is the giver of warmth and energy. Like it, our souls also rise to bless the world, to contribute to it with their beauty and immensity.

The moon quietly observes. It does not fill up the world with its energy. Rather, it invites the world into itself, to step away from the massive chaos that it is in, and step into tranquility.

The moon is the mother, loving, caring, caressing, healing.

The sun is the father, sharing his strength, radiating power, indestructible.

The order of the sun and the moon is the order of our lives. The quiet arising, the radiant shining and transforming the world, in our little ways, like minute rays of the vast father – millions, and billions of them. And then, the softly going back to the source. The return to our true entities. The awakening of the heart.

The essence of this universe is neither sun, nor moon. It is a nothingness which is more immense than any ball of fire. Invisibly, it runs the order of the universe, the arising and the setting, the going forth and the return.

It is only in relation to the vast universe, and the invisible force underneath it, that our earth finds the meaning of its existence. Alone, solitary in its liveliness, in a vast universe where it is merely a speck on a speck, it finds its meaning in coming to a relationship with that universe. Our lives find meaning in coming to a relationship with that earth, its cycles of night and day, of winter and summer, and then, in relationship with the vast universe itself.

Once, this vast order and harmony in the universe was plainly visible. Today, we discover it when we remove from our hearts the encumbrances of civilisation – our buildings, our computers, our deadlines.

When our hearts are in tune with this order, they are at peace. The ancients called this dharma.

~ by tdcatss on January 5, 2018.

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