Thoughts in twilight

The other drew one in. It was nothing. But it was more intense than everything.

All one can offer are one’s tears. The tears of the world call forth the other. Its beauty and passion are not alive, because the world does not shed enough tears. The tears have dried up, the tears are wiped away, the tears are forced to recede.

But when there are tears, there is the other. One loses oneself in it, one dies to oneself.

Today, you were here, and you seeped into me. My tears emerged on seeing you enter me and fill me up. All lost loves, all passed friendships, all moments of passion, prayer, silence, were messages from you. All agony was a call from you.

You had been talking to me all my life, but it took me so long to recognise you, to know you, to love you back. In the acuteness of perception, you were bare, naked, and nothing separated us.

~ by tdcatss on January 9, 2018.

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