A life in faith

Could we trust that we are part of an entity greater than us. That we are one with it, yet we are separate. That our life rests on its life. That our love is a reflection of its love. That our strength is but a branch of its strength.

Could we trust, that intimately related to it, we are all loved by it, we are in a real relationship with it which goes far beyond ideas and beliefs. That it is as real, more real, truly speaking, than the chair we sit on and the house we live in.

Could we live with the awareness that all our suffering – sorrow, fear, frustration – is a gift from it, because suffering tells us that our self-enclosed, self-sufficient, self-centred lives are false, that we can never succeed in what we want for very long, and we are but bubbles on the surface of a vast river. Because suffering awakens us from this mirage of self-centredness, and opens up a gap in us through which the Other can emerge, if allowed.

Could we live with an awareness that not only our inner suffering, but all that happens outwardly is a sign to us, a sign that speaks to a particular quality of our souls, a quality that would be the most truthful response to that outer event? Could we understand that the outer event calls on us to live with that quality of our souls, to manifest and perfect it – something that would never take place without such an event?

Could we see that our relationship to other human beings is one of seeing, appreciating and loving the Other in them. That our relationship to things is to sanctify them through the spirit of the Other. That every relationship is love and every act a sacred ritual.

All life, then, is an intimate being with this Other. In all that is truly unknown, hidden, mysterious, that is, in all others – other feelings, other experiences, other people – is concealed the ultimate Other, waiting for us to discover it, rather than remain trapped in our habitual and secure ways of living, where we rely on ourselves and consider ourselves of supreme importance.

All life, then, is lived between a deep trust of the Other, an openness to the darkness that the Other kindles in our forlorn hearts, and a perception that reveals that all there is in the world calls us to be who we were meant to be, in distinct and particular ways.

Trust, openness, perception – that is a life in faith.

~ by tdcatss on January 23, 2018.

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