A simple life

Simplicity is a quality of unity. In our deepest hearts, there is a deep unity. A singularity of purpose, which is beyond the many tasks and the many relationships amidst which we find ourselves.

That singularity calls us to listen. It is the heart of creation. It calls on us to live creatively, by listening to and letting the multiplicity of our commitments in the world be transformed by that singularity.

This is the washing over of all the pebbles on the way of the stream with the pure waters of the origin. This is the glowing in the moonlight of all the leaves and barks of the trees in the forest, revealing their mysterious beauty.

If we live in communion with this singularity, we live a simple life. We live a life without scatter, without two commitments pulling us in different directions and tearing us apart. We live with suffering, as we always must, but with awareness that the voice calling from deep within is deeper than the anguish of our pain.

In a life lived in the awareness of our roots in the deeper reality, our suffering flowers, like a seed germinating, rising and dying, revealing its true nature. Suffering sends us back to the this singularity, to our origins, so that we can return afresh and more deeply rooted. We do not fight suffering because our communion is with the deepest voice within, and not with that part of us which cries that it does not wish to suffer.

Suffering is not a problem to be tackled, but a space to know our origins more deeply. It is the leaf on the surface of which moonlight reveals its quietness, its gentle illumination. It is the pebble which reveals the nimble, soft nature of water which can take any shape.

In this humility, we listen, we live, we experience joy and sorrow, strength and fear, tranquility and anger, and all passes, while the light of what is deepest within us persists.

That is the simple life, a life connected with a message so basic that all else seems superficial. A life so basic that it sees our connection with our earth as fundamental. It sees that we belong to our earth. It is the life of a simple human being working on the earth with his bare hands, the life of a parent quietly holding his child’s hand as they walk together, the life of a nurse tending to the wounds and needs of those broken in body and spirit.

The simple life is lived quietly, in commitment to what is most important. It holds little interest in the flashlights of the world, the superficialities of what attracts us outwards. The modern world is a world of flash lights and flash noises, all asking for our attention. The simple life sees beyond these, and does not forget its origins.


~ by tdcatss on February 14, 2018.

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