aakaash ka soonapan
mere tanha mann mein
paayal chhankaati tum
aa jaao jeevan mein
saansein de kar apni
sangeet amar kar do
ban jaao meet mere
meri jeet amar kar do

When he was a child, he was lonely. He was quite alone, even though he had parents and a brother. His parents would take him with them to their friends’ house. The friends loved to sing. It was this song that they sang the most. Even though he was a child, he understood what it meant.

He hoped someone would come into his life and affirm him, someone would love him for what he is. The deep sadness, and the desire for a real relationship that the song expresses made its place in his heart then.

Today, sitting in nature, 25 years later, he remembered those days, those times. The song came to his mind. He was still that child. He still wished for a real relationship in the rushed storm of life around him, a storm that had a lot of noise, a lot of fears, a lot of deadlines, a lot of people – so many people that he craved for silence and solitude. Yet, rarely was there a moment of real relatedness. He wished for someone who would really relate to him and who he really related to.

There had been people who had entered his life and shone like the sun, and exploded in their light the meaningless encrustations of life. There had been teachers, lovers, companions. They had all faded away while life went on.

That old, ancient desire remained. The flame that called for genuineness remained. Quietly, the child was still there, and he wished for, desired, love.

~ by tdcatss on February 18, 2018.

One Response to “Notes”

  1. Na umr ki seema ho
    Na janm ka ho bandhan
    Jab pyaar kare koi
    To dekhe keval mann
    Nayi reet chalaakar tum
    Yeh reet amar kar do

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