the little breath

to breathe is all i do
silently, perennially
the chest rises
and the chest falls
a smooth movement
that draws life in
keeps some within
and lets the rest go

through all these years
these decades of living
the breath has been
it has been witness
silent friend
to the intense wounds
to the small joys
to the lonely nights
to the anguished days

the breath of a loved one
when we sit silently together
and experience each other’s presence
become a shared presence
the rising and falling of her chest
the rising and falling of my chest
the breath is all that moves
as we sit still
and soak in each other
as if all that existed in the universe
is us

the breath of a loved one
when she sleeps
and i awaken
as the early rays of dawn enter our room
and fall on her body
i observe her
i observe the quiet flow of her breath
the quiet sound it makes
makes me care for her
more than for myself

the breath of my old father
slow, laboured after he has climbed the stairs
eternal witness to a body growing old and frail
to a body gradually dissolving to its final end
to a body that will no longer be there

the breath of my old mother
a breath that comes and goes from
a chest that holds the sorrows of decades
and the delicate hopes of decades
the secrets of decades
the breath of my mother
as she silently sits on her mat
and prays to god
i know she prays for me
i can sense her breath

the breath of my beloved cat
as he sleeps next to me
in complete trust of me as his caretaker
his face buried into his curled up body
that small breath of his small body
away from this chaotic world
safe in my company

the breath of that old, stubbled man
in an old, dirty shirt
who drives the cycle rickshaw
as i sit behind on the bumpy ride
going to my comfortable home
that breath
strained, tired
breaking a sweat for his daily bread

this is us
those who live on planet earth
in different shapes
different sounds
the breath is us
in all our oneness
in all our uniqueness

the breath is us



















~ by tdcatss on February 24, 2019.

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