its night again

its night again

the body gives way
to rest and sleep
but the soul
it soars upwards

it flies to faraway places
to other beings
and to other worlds

to meet them
to know them
to know
that a part of it
is them
and a part of them
is it

the heavens and the hells
all congregate in the soul
and this littlest of little things
becomes the grandest of the grand

there is life there
as there is life here
there are terrors there
as there are terrors here

this world is mirrored
in ways infinitely small
and infinitely vast
everywhere the path goes

the path flies
the path burrows
the path swims

a little step away from this
and the path is there
traversing the adventure of life
with millennia behind it
and millennia ahead




~ by tdcatss on March 4, 2019.

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