is there death?

is there death?
every night, he dies
but does he
really die

what happens
is that the body dissolves
into rest
but the soul soars

it soars into infinite spaces
into light in the midst of darkness
into a night, where there is no night
into a solitude, which is also union

he grasps at the body
he grasps at this world
at life in this world
the people
the projects
the comforts
all these thought forms
to be clung to
but the soul soars
into infinite spaces

like a bird trembling
quivering to fly out of the cage
back to its home in eternity
to dissolve into the vast skies
with innumerable others
the soul sours
into infinite spaces

while the body dies into rest
and the mind dies into rest

there is no death









~ by tdcatss on March 8, 2019.

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