new life

you and i
i and you
life has just begun
and we stare at the dark sky
we look into the future
into a life of zest
into life, totally alive

we are life
life itself
breaking into the world
as it crumbles
and waits for us
to shatter the old
to make the new

together, in this aching world
we shall live, love
create, flourish
tear old bonds
and bring alive
what awaits
to be born

when life in us
meets life in the world
like generations past
we will drown in its sorrows
burn in its anguish
but the sorrow, the anguish
will only expand our fire
and radiate our light

not as second hand persons
but as fresh waves
in the vast ocean of time
not as cogs in the wheel
but as new sparks
in a flame old as eternity
we will walk
into the theatre of the world

and the universe
will be our witness







~ by tdcatss on April 10, 2019.

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