inshallah, kashmir

in your beautiful valleys
in your sacred, pristine lakes
in your vast mountains
in your grey, beautiful eyes
in your fair, beautiful faces

there are stories
of old men of wisdom
who lived with only love
for you, and me, and all of us

there are stories
of revolutionaries
who took up the gun
to bring you freedom, azadi

there are stories
of wives and children
half-widows and half-orphans
who wait for their beloveds to return
having disappeared
in the dark dungeons
of a mighty power

there are stories
of days
when whole cities burnt
when the valleys echoed
with sounds of terror

and there are other stories
yet to be lived
they live in the hearts
of the young and the restless

they tell us
that one day
your pain will be heard
one day, the beloveds will return
one day, there will be no guns
one day, you will not be my enemy
and i, not yours
one day, there will be only love
you, and me, and our love

inshallah, kashmir







~ by tdcatss on April 26, 2019.

2 Responses to “inshallah, kashmir”

  1. Inshallah…

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