rishi valley

the valley at dusk
invites you to its mystery
in those hills
close, yet far
it holds the truth of ages

having borne witness
to millenniums of human life
the valley is a sage
a wise valley

as you listen in
it connects you to the stars above
it unravels a thread
that extends from your little life
to the lives of those stars

it tells you
that like all those who came before you
you will live with sorrow and joy
hopelessness and hope
for that is the human destiny

it tells you
that when its children go to sleep
their souls embrace the universe
it prepares their little, innocent souls
for a world waiting to bruise them
it protects them, for a while
and some for longer

the mists of the valley
its layered hills
its quiet hollows
its stunning, permeating silence
its hallowed age
these tell of its sacredness
and leave a mark on your heart









~ by tdcatss on July 11, 2019.

3 Responses to “rishi valley”

  1. Fabulous! You’ve painted and enchanting vision… never been, but want to now! Well done!

  2. Nothing like a go-to place to recoup all the spiritual energy that the city takes away from you :)

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