from darkness
there was light
so it was
when the universe was created
so it is, today
in our very hearts

non-being gives birth to being
as being dies into non-being
a play of light
a play of darkness
our lives, are this

on the ancient shores of the ocean
the waves of life roar
and leave their imprint
on the infinite sands of our memory

like castles on sand
we come into being, live, flourish and die
and the waves of life
continue to make us
continue to take us

on those sands, at night
the moon shines its light
speaks of a beauty eternal
quiet and still
the moon sings a song
for the generations to hear

~ by tdcatss on September 17, 2019.

4 Responses to “light”

  1. Great post 😄

  2. Thank you

  3. Sublime!

  4. Thank you :)

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