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an unknown voice calls out
from another land
where you belong

where all is beauty
where the human voice itself is beauty
where the waters are tranquil
where people pause
and listen to life

where humans know each other
without having to talk
where unspoken feelings
are felt and shared

where animals are not afraid
where nature talks to you
as you silently walk through it
where the hills tell you
the stories of ages
where the leaves invite you
into a whole new world
where the skies connect you
to the farthest stars

where intensity






rishi valley

•July 11, 2019 • 3 Comments

the valley at dusk
invites you to its mystery
in those hills
close, yet far
it holds the truth of ages

having borne witness
to millenniums of human life
the valley is a sage
a wise valley

as you listen in
it connects you to the stars above
it unravels a thread
that extends from your little life
to the lives of those stars

it tells you
that like all those who came before you
you will live with sorrow and joy
hopelessness and hope
for that is the human destiny

it tells you
that when its children go to sleep
their souls embrace the universe
it prepares their little, innocent souls
for a world waiting to bruise them
it protects them, for a while
and some for longer

the mists of the valley
its layered hills
its quiet hollows
its stunning, permeating silence
its hallowed age
these tell of its sacredness
and leave a mark on your heart










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our parents give us much
a home, food, money
values, cares, cultures
and as we become older
we carry these forward
to our own children
to our friends
to the world

but god gives us something else
he gives us the word
the capacity to speak
to convey the love in our hearts to others
to share our pain with others
to share an insight
to become one with another
beyond the boundaries of body and mind

the word is life, becoming more alive
the word is the silence of the universe, echoed
the word comes from god
and takes us back to him


i and you

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you sit there
five feet away
sipping your coffee
and i sit here, quietly

your eyes, when you let them
reveal another world
the world of the spirit
where you are not in this house
but in the whole universe

the universe fills you
fire, water, air, earth
the flux of elements
appears in your eyes
opening to the other world
where love is
where death is

i meet you in that world
and burn in your fire
the old burns away
the new emerges
immense, awake, infinite

you and i
i and you
the bodies are quiet
and the universe is aflame
in us






the sun

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the rays shine
with glory
you are a wonder
you are power

in this cold, dark universe
where no one lives
where nothing grows
and silence reigns

what came first
light or darkness?
or are they the same thing
in two garbs
two hands
juggling life
between each other

life and death
death and life
billions of years
millions of species
thousands of generations of men
all find their space
in my heart

and the sun
and the dark universe
find a space
in my heart

i too, am this flux
in life now
in death tomorrow
i beat
in another’s heart




inshallah, kashmir

•April 26, 2019 • 2 Comments

in your beautiful valleys
in your sacred, pristine lakes
in your vast mountains
in your grey, beautiful eyes
in your fair, beautiful faces

there are stories
of old men of wisdom
who lived with only love
for you, and me, and all of us

there are stories
of revolutionaries
who took up the gun
to bring you freedom, azadi

there are stories
of wives and children
half-widows and half-orphans
who wait for their beloveds to return
having disappeared
in the dark dungeons
of a mighty power

there are stories
of days
when whole cities burnt
when the valleys echoed
with sounds of terror

and there are other stories
yet to be lived
they live in the hearts
of the young and the restless

they tell us
that one day
your pain will be heard
one day, the beloveds will return
one day, there will be no guns
one day, you will not be my enemy
and i, not yours
one day, there will be only love
you, and me, and our love

inshallah, kashmir







infinity and you

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that day
when you sat across me
pouring out your heart
when your inhibitions and fears
when all that you hide away
from yourself and the world
when your sorrows
your hopes
strange and child-like
made themselves visible
infinity poured into the room
through you

it met with infinity in me
wringing me away
from petty concerns
to meet you
and what is behind you

it met with infinity in the room
giving life to dead things
giving heart to stone walls
giving order to scatter
a beam of light in a dull, drab world
a blessing for the earth

we lived in the soup of infinity
yet distinct
yet one
and the whole of existence
the vast universe
made sense



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