the universe pours into us

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in the centre of this body
is the heart
in the centre of the heart
is the soul
in the centre of the soul
are the stars

when the day rises
and the sun shines
and the world awakens
the universe pours into the soul
stretching it far and wide
to hold
its immutable light
its unending energy

when the night falls
the soul collects itself
and flies out
and expands
into the vast, silent universe
to reach its farthest stars
to burn in its brightest fires

the fire of the day
the waters of the night
the power of action
the pull of contemplation
the joy of giving
the depth of receiving
they are
the rhythms of the soul
the rhythms of the universe




new life

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you and i
i and you
life has just begun
and we stare at the dark sky
we look into the future
into a life of zest
into life, totally alive

we are life
life itself
breaking into the world
as it crumbles
and waits for us
to shatter the old
to make the new

together, in this aching world
we shall live, love
create, flourish
tear old bonds
and bring alive
what awaits
to be born

when life in us
meets life in the world
like generations past
we will drown in its sorrows
burn in its anguish
but the sorrow, the anguish
will only expand our fire
and radiate our light

not as second hand persons
but as fresh waves
in the vast ocean of time
not as cogs in the wheel
but as new sparks
in a flame old as eternity
we will walk
into the theatre of the world

and the universe
will be our witness







many worlds

•March 24, 2019 • 2 Comments

from the world of silence
comes the world of time
from the world of time
comes the world of light
from the world of light
comes the world of feelings
from the world of feelings
comes the world of thought
from the world of thought
comes the world of things

in the world of things
is the world of silence
and in the world of silence
the world of things

we see things devoid of silence
we see silence devoid of things
we forget
who we are
and roam the universe
seeking that
which shall help us remember






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the world
it pulls you
to stretch yourself
to reach somewhere
to move
to not be
who you are

to that world
there comes
a call from elsewhere

when the soul glows
and the compunctions of the world
fall apart
scattering in little pieces
that glow of the soul
is azadi

more free than mere freedom
more still than mere stillness
more silent than silence
a passion cries out
the lustre and shimmer
of life itself
unadorned, yet alive














•March 10, 2019 • 2 Comments

i sit in my little house
in a city of loneliness
a step away from this city
is a step into an elsewhere

an elsewhere
where this expanding universe
is yet to reach
where it is not yet
where i am not yet
we both arrive
and meet

we flow into each other
we know each other
our selves are porous
where one begins
and the other ends
we do not know

there is light
there is darkness
immense power
and complete silence
in a stream of infinity

as we flow into each other
the body goes to sleep
and the soul is set free
for union

the universe is my friend











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when i am not the centre
then the universe resonates with me
the order of the stars
finds an order in my heart
the silence of the stars
echoes in my silence

when i am the centre
there is no universe
there is only this world
to conquer
to possess
to have under my keel
then, i live in a city
and race, with a million city-dwellers

when i have no centre
i live in the universe
inhabitant of its expanses
traveller of it realms
with the symphonies
of stars and planets
terrified at its terror
still with its stillness
infinite, as it is
always being born, as it is
beyond death, as it is




is there death?

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is there death?
every night, he dies
but does he
really die

what happens
is that the body dissolves
into rest
but the soul soars

it soars into infinite spaces
into light in the midst of darkness
into a night, where there is no night
into a solitude, which is also union

he grasps at the body
he grasps at this world
at life in this world
the people
the projects
the comforts
all these thought forms
to be clung to
but the soul soars
into infinite spaces

like a bird trembling
quivering to fly out of the cage
back to its home in eternity
to dissolve into the vast skies
with innumerable others
the soul sours
into infinite spaces

while the body dies into rest
and the mind dies into rest

there is no death









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