these quiet whispers

•October 4, 2019 • 2 Comments

these quiet whispers
that rise from the heart
and reach the eyes

these whispers
speak to the stars
these whispers
are the universe
speaking to itself
resonating in its own being
loving itself

like a streak of red
over black
like a fiery comet
in the dark sky
like a ball of fire
in the centre of our world

these whispers
are movement in stillness
colour in darkness
solitude in noise

the silent universe
whispers eternally

the touch of a child
the gaze of a cat
the fire in the sky, at sunset

these all are whispers
of the universe
to itself



the quiet, red flame

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this night
there is a fire on the mountain
the fire rises to the sky
it is soft and slow

quiet and soft
it speaks to the stars
gently crackling
to a deafening silence

it rises from my heart
but soars to the edges
of all space
and all time

how blessed is the fire
and how blessed were they
who knew it
in ages gone by
how blessed are they
who know it now

in its flames
burns all sorrow
and all happiness
all ties to the world
all aspirations of the hereafter
all pain
all pleasure
they burn

and what remains
is beauty
of a quiet, red flame
burning in the darkness of night
speaking to the stars

it’s night again

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be quiet…
it’s night again

you are alone again
your neighbours sleep
and those you once loved
are elsewhere

as this vast world
settles into silence
it’s night again
it’s time again
for solitary hearts
to be awake and alive

be alone
be quiet
and meet the quietness of the night
with all your hopes
with all your pain

be witness
as your soul rises
to meet the stillness of the stars
and your heart fills
with the sorrows of the world

while others
chase a dream in the day
and more in the night
be quiet, and watch
as life in you
meets all life

be quiet
and listen
let this communion
take place


a journey to the stars

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this journey
made without the body
finds light in darkness
movement in stillness

it finds intimacy, in the farthest of galaxies
it finds silence
in this noisy world
and music
in the vastness of space

the universe is our home
the stars are our friends
and this earth, our precious little room
where we work
where we love

in this vast vision
our lives are lived
our loves are fulfilled

our losses
our gains
all find a place
in this universe


•September 17, 2019 • 4 Comments

from darkness
there was light
so it was
when the universe was created
so it is, today
in our very hearts

non-being gives birth to being
as being dies into non-being
a play of light
a play of darkness
our lives, are this

on the ancient shores of the ocean
the waves of life roar
and leave their imprint
on the infinite sands of our memory

like castles on sand
we come into being, live, flourish and die
and the waves of life
continue to make us
continue to take us

on those sands, at night
the moon shines its light
speaks of a beauty eternal
quiet and still
the moon sings a song
for the generations to hear

the migrant

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images of the desert
haunt his memory
joys of the plains
hearten his soul

verses of his God
in the tremendous silences of his being

when he walks
he is dignified as a king
when he prostrates to the Lord
he is a slave
in absolute submission

he thanks Him
he loves Him
he fears Him
he stands in awe of Him

at night
he stares at the stars
struck by their majesty
his sonorous voice
in communion with them
in the echoing silences of the universe

he is the migrant
from a time bygone
he lives in me
he lives in you

where do you go

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where do you go
when the loneliness of night finds its way into your heart
where do you go
when fear trembles in your being
where do you go
when your soul feels like the quaking earth

where do you go?
if there is nowhere to go, my friend
come to me
come to me
again, and again
this is a place
that will always be yours



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